Ultimate Black Magic Original

Product Description

This revolutionary product polishes all performance level balls and will not alter the peaks and valleys that create the ball’s surface.

  • Staple of Ultimate’s product line since 1992
  • Revolutionary polish for all performance-level balls
  • Will not alter the integrity of cover stocks
  • Helps get through heads cleaner
  • Retains energy for increased down-lane motion
  • Approved by the USBC for ”Before and After Use”

Available in Multiple Sizes

Liquid Measure: 8 oz Bottle | SKU# UBP1007D
Liquid Measure: 12 – 8 oz Bottles | SKU# UBP1008D
Liquid Measure: Quart | SKU# UBP1009D
Liquid Measure: Gallon | SKU# UBP1014D