Item #: UBP1001 (1 1/8" x 2 3/4")
Item #: UBP1002 (1 1/4" x 2 3/4")
Item #: UBP1003 (1 3/8" x 2 3/4")
Ultimate Urethane Thumb Slugs

Ultimate Bowling Products introduces the first urethane thumb slug that is easy to drill, easy to work and since we make them with Wizard Urethane you know the texture can be exactly what you desire.

You can make them yourself with our Mold Kits our we can make them for you. Either way the cost it is a lot less than what you are paying for the others!

Available in 3 sizes and 6 great colors.

Item #: UBP5001D
Donkee Insert Molding Kit

Full Description of this item is on the Ball Plug page. Follow this link.

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Item #: UBP5002D1 (3 cells @ 1 1/8")
Item #: UBP5002D2 (3 cells @ 1 1/4")
Item #: UBP5002D3 (3 cells @ 1 3/8")
Item #: UBP5002D4 (3 cells: 1 @ 1 1/8", 1 @ 1 1/4", 1 @ 1 3/8")
Wizard Slug Mold (3 Cell Slug/Solid Mold)

Full Description of this item is on the Ball Plug page. Follow this link.

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Item #: UBP5003D
Ultimate Mold Release

12 Ounce Spray Can

Our new mold release is perfect for releasing custom thumbs and solids from their molds. It works so well with Wizard Ball Plug, one would think that they were made for each other. (Oh, that's right - they were)!

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Item #: UBP1999

Ultimate Molding Rubber

16 ounce can of "A" and 16 ounce can of "B."

1:1 ratio, 6 minute pot life, 30 minute de-mold time.

The one to one ratio makes mixing simple, It has more than enough pot life and very fast cure time. Takes custom thumb production to a new level!

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Item #: UBP1005D (32oz)
Item #: UBP3004D (1 gal)
Quik Kut & Polish

Full description of this item is on the Polishes page.Follow this link.

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Item #: UBP3001D (1oz)
UltraGel Instant Set Glue

UltraGel Instant Set Glue is our NEW and IMPROVED instant adhesive that bonds ALL finger grips and thumb slugs instantly. UltraGel's THICKER FORMULA will not run down the inside of the holes, so it greatly reduces waste.

UltraGel can also be used for repairing minor ball "nicks." The gel stays where you put it. After it has cured, simply work it down to the ball's surface with a bevel knife or file.

UttraGel will not harden when stored, nor does it cure in tip. You can actually use the entire contents of the bottle with out having to trim the tip! Not many, if any other, glue products for our industry can make that statement.

Available in 1oz bottles.

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Item #: UBP3002D (2oz)

Ultimate's GluDissolve instantly disolves any glue holding inserts in place and makes replacing inserts a fast and easy job. .

Great for removing cured and "accidentally applied" instant glues your fingers, your counter top, or the surface of any ball.

Available in 2 ounce bottles.

Item #: UPS025100 (80 grit)
Item #: UPS026100 (100 grit)
Item #: UPS027100 (120 grit)
Sanding Discs - Bag of 100

Item #: UPS025500 (80 grit)
Item #: UPS026500 (100 grit)
Item #: UPS027500 (120 grit)
Sanding Discs - Bag of 500

1 1/2" sanding discs with perforated flaps and 1/8" hole in center.

Our sanding discs are thick and durable. Some discs out there today are pretty flemsy and cheap, these are not those!

Available in 80, 100 and 120 grit, bags of either 100 pieces or 500 pieces.

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Item #: UPS027625 (Bag of 25 pieces)
Item #: UPS027650 (Bag of 50 pieces)
Ultimate Non-Woven Abrasive Discs

Ultimate Bowling Products is pleased to announce our new non-woven abrasive discs available for bevel sanders. 1 1/2" diameter w/ 1/8" bore in center.

Cuts but not nearly as fast as sanding discs. Perfect for touching up the interior finishes of any hole or beve, especially polyester balls with hard covers and soft hole walls.

Removes all sanding scuffs from interior walls of the hole, making it as smooth as you thought you would like..

Sold in bags of 25 and 50 pieces.

Item #: UPS028SLEEVE1/2
Item #: UPS029SLEEVE5/8
Item #: UPS030SLEEVE3/4
Sanding Sleeve

60 grit sanding sleeves for use with sanding drum arbor.

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