The Scoop on Thumb Slugs

Thumb slugs: some bowlers swear by them, some don’t use them…and some may never have heard of them (it’s okay, newbies—you’ll learn). What exactly is the purpose of these little guys, and are they the best option for you?

What are they?

They’re called many things; slugs, solids, inserts…whichever term you use, they’re all the same—a solid piece of material, typically made of urethane or vinyl, which is placed into a bowling ball’s thumb hole and drilled into to create a custom-sized opening.

Why use them?

Bowling balls are made from a few layers of different materials: the coverstock, weight block, and core all have different densities and textures. When thumb and finger holes are drilled into the ball, these layers—and their varied textures—are exposed. This doesn’t bother some bowlers, but for others, those inconsistencies are uncomfortable and can affect how easily the ball is released. By inserting a thumb slug, you ensure a nice, even texture and a smooth release. Using thumb slugs can also make it easier to adjust the thumb hole, as those different layers of materials in the ball make it difficult to properly sand out a thumb hole that doesn’t contain a slug.

Our slugs.

In conjunction with Easy-Strike, we’ve created a polyurethane thumb slug that’s easy to drill and to work out. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your every whim.

And you may have noticed…we have a pretty great deal going on our thumb slugs right now. Check them out and stock up your shop for the year! (May as well load up on our Wizard Ball Plug, while you’re at it.)