Ultimate Bowling Products

Ultimate Bowling Products, Inc. has served the bowling industry for decades. We have a rich tradition in providing pro shops and bowlers with top of the line, premium products — whether you are looking for cleaners and polishes, inserts and ball plug, accessories, or fitting and layout equipment.

We are continuously upgrading our lines of cleaners and polishes. Black Magic polishes are designed to enhance the creativity of ball and cover-stock designers, as well as, different bowling styles. Rejuvenator and Ultra Clean keep pace with changes to lane oils and potential lane debris.

The benefits and possibilities that Wizard ball plug brings to the pro shop are endless. From quick-set-urethane plugging to creating custom thumbs to casting your own urethane solids or inserts using the Ultimate Donkee Mold Kit. Wizard is the most widely used urethane material available and the reasons for its use are many.

Our products are sold through the industry’s finest network of distributors throughout the world. If your distributor does not carry an Ultimate product, please give us a call and we’ll help you get it!